Friday, March 17, 2006

Trolling troubles

I think it's pretty easy to see from my last couple posts why I want to remain anonymous. It's therapeutic for me to think through things and get other peoples' input. But I can't be candid if I can't be anonymous.

And that brings me to my request. I realize that I'm at your mercy. I continue to post more and more details of my life, and avoiding personally identifying details is sometimes burdensome. Already, you could probably identify me pretty easily, but I ask that you don't. And if you do, I ask that you respect my anonymity by not sharing what you know or interacting in my life in a way that jeopardizes my anonymity.

This post is prompted by the fact I've picked up a troll on my family blog--someone who posts unwelcome anonymous comments. I doubt it's any of you. Those of you who do know my identity wouldn't go out of your way to be annoying, right? Well, someone is. And it's raining on my blog parade.

And for those of you who are also anonymous, know that I completely respect and support that decision for yourself.


Dave Walter said...

It's troubling that someone is posting unwelcome comments on your blog. Have you thought of using the comment moderating feature so you can screen comments before they're posted?

-L- said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Dave. Actually, most of our family are not what you would call computer savvy. My wife is not in favor of putting any obstacle into the posting process so that they won't be scared off. So, for now, we're just going to police the comments and partly violate our own values by censoring comments. We've decided that we don't mind getting comments that engage in a discussion that points fingers, accuses, or challenges our beliefs. But threatening and/or insulting e-mails from anonymous sources are just not going to be tolerated. Like my wife said, we support free speech, but that doesn't mean you can spray paint it on our house.