Monday, May 15, 2006

Out, but in.

Since joining a couple e-mail listserves for SSA folks, I've been fascinated with the diversity of experience people have. One man posted not long ago about his return to the church after having lost his membership. His account of his journey away and back was very interesting and reminded me that although I seem to constantly feel on the cusp of some irrevokable cliff, the gospel will always be there for me when I am willing to have a broken spirit and contrite heart. No failure ever need be final.

And even more recently a man recounted a conversation with his son recently in which his son came out to him, so he reciprocated by coming out to his son. Together they can support and encourage one another in the gospel. It was a very inspiring story.

The creator of disciples2 is a woman who also seems quite remarkable to me. She is now divorced and I don't know anything about the circumstances surrounding that, but she has remained faithful to the church throughout. Further, she seems to have acheived great insight into the kind of appopriate bonds to be made with fellow SSA strugglers. Her story along with Another Other's testify to the importance of recognizing potential temptation as I learn from and am supported by blogging and e-mailing friends. I hope you will read her story and consider joining disciples2 if you are still committed to the lds church.


AttemptingThePath said...

I love those email lists... they're great.

David said...


I read "her story" and was a little confused. Parts of it are typed in bold and other parts are not. Were the parts in bold ammended to something she'd written previously or is it just for emphasis.

I only read it once quickly through, but it seemed that there was contradictions in statements, although I may just need to read it more carefully.

Thanks in advance for the clarification.

-L- said...

Yeah, my bad for not saying that up front. The bold parts were added in a decade later.