Friday, May 26, 2006

Balancing Act

I would prefer to take a moderate stance on gay issues since I firmly believe in the freedom of every person to decide for themselves what they believe to be moral and follow their heart--whether they be religious or gay. But I equally value the importance of challenging anti-religious or anti-gay sentiments when they are unfriendly and uninformed. In short, for me it's about promoting tolerance and battling prejudice and intolerance.

Surprisingly, perhaps, this has translated into me defending religion time after time. Apparently my blog isn't a big hit with the religious crowd since there are never really anti-gay comments. There are frequent (and of varying legitimacy) anti-religious comments though. So, I reluctantly take the minority view and repeatedly defend religion against the bigotry that presents itself. I've pigeon-holed myself, I suspect.

Oh well. I guess that's how it goes.

But in the spirit of providing the alternative point of view, I must comment on the overwhelmingly biased and ridiculously pejorative comments I've seen on the blogosphere in regard to Richard Cohen's recent appearance on Paula Zahn.

For example, one blog writes, "In case you haven't heard any of this stuff before, you should know that this is a line used by anti-gay psychotherapists, but there is no research anywhere, ever, that supports the idea that these kinds of family dynamics have anything to do with a person turning out gay." Ummm, no. My understanding is that there is research showing a correlation, just not causality. Causing gay (as is claimed in reparative therapy and is, in my opinion, either false or oversimplified) and correlating with being gay (which is true) are two different things.

It's just a word-smithing world out there to push an agenda. Pisses me off.

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Chris said...

I enjoy your comments. I used one of your comments (from another blog) on my blog. I hope that's okay!