Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A few newcomers

I've been excited to meet several interesting people over the last week. Three new blogs of men I admire after knowing for a very short time include:

I've also added Smurf's blog to my sidebar with his recent permission and Silus Grok, who I've known of since he was featured on nine moons, but wasn't sure whether to link.

Speaking of links, there are about a half dozen gay Mormon blogs that I know of that I haven't linked to. This is usually because the blog contents aren't focused on gay or Mormon issues and they seem to be more biographical. I don't want to presumptively put undue emphasis on this one aspect of a person's identity by linking to an otherwise unrelated blog. I mean, belonging to what my wife calls the Mormon Queerosphere should be voluntary! Having said that, sometimes I just link without asking anyway. I'll be happy to take down if you don't want a link. I'm kind of random like that, I guess.

I would be happy to link anyone's blog who faces similar challenges or discusses gay Mormon issues. That might change if the list gets too long, but for now, just let me know. Really. If you don't mind, I'll link.

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Silus Grok said...


I'm famouser!

Come on over, folks... the water's fine!


( Thanks, L! )