Saturday, September 09, 2006

Inaccessible, purpose, responsiveness.

The whole engagement is not about God's control but about God's love, because God engages human beings, says what God thinks and then they say back and then God says, "Oh that's right, you know what? Let's do it this way instead." It's not Judaism if it's not responsive to the human condition.
If someone is gay, that's an assignment from God... It's part of the life purpose of that particular person to have struggled and worked with that particular issue (among others) to do the best they can.
The more hidden something is the more holy it is. And the more inaccessible something is the more meaningful it could be.

These three quotes (from three different people) were among the last several quotes in the movie, Trembling Before G-d. I liked them, but don't really find I have a lot more to add.

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Samantha said...

Hey -L-: Thanks for posting these. I needed to read this today.