Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cute boys boxing

My wife hated the movie Annapolis with a passion, and when I defended it as "not that bad" she just said I only liked it because of the cute boys boxing.

The woman knows me all too well. And that's why our marriage rocks.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the levity after so many heavy hitting entries! Slowly we're getting to the point where we can laugh about such things - but there's still a lot of pain associated with the humor. We're still working on a rockin' marriage.

Thanks for the laugh.


Anonymous said...

That James Franco is a total hottie!


Scot said...

Hey, there’s another one to add to my list of common grounds:

Both you and your spouse can discuss the cuteness of guys.

I wonder if you disagree as often as we do, though. I mean, Orlando Bloom?! Sorry Orlando. There’s no accounting for taste, I suppose, but I just don’t get it.

gaywife579 said...

unknown to myself I was a gay mormon wife for over 25 yrs. we had two children and six grandchildren, and three adopted children before my ex came out. i believe i would have stayed with him if he had been honest with me. but he had been "active" and lied to his mate that we were separated. he told the children we divorced because i wasn't happy. how could i be happy when i felt i was unattractive as a women. unknown to me he didn't give me a chance to make any choices, he was the only one that knew the whole truth. i still love him but the trust is gone. it all seems so self-serving. why does he still want to point out to me all the wrongs he sees in the Church?

-L- said...

gaywife579, welcome.

My wife and I were just discussing this last week the problems of depression and feelings of inadequacy. Specifically, I asked her whether knowing I wasn't attracted to her made her feel less attractive. It was an interesting conversation... I'll have to blog on it sometime. ;-) Thanks for the comment.

Samantha said...

I hope you'll blog on that conversation (with your wife's approval) sooner, rather than later. There are some key issues that come to light in the few sentences above. Personally, I'd really like to hear her viewpoint.