Thursday, July 12, 2007


Here are the rules.
Here are the random 8:

1. I recently learned that I type over 90 wpm with 100% accuracy. Sweet. (Also, highly valuable these days!)
2. In the last 5 years I've visited every big church history site in the country... pretty much.
3. I've worked for EFY, BSA, BYU, MS, and AT&T.
4. I have several interesting hobbies... that I can't tell you about because then I would have to kill you (man, writing a meme anonymously is hard work). Okay, okay: gardening, music, blogging (shocker), programming, photography, art, and lusting after electronics.
5. Today I saw a person's back from the front (as in, during surgery after his guts had been tucked out of the way)
6. I've made lobbying trips to Washington D.C. every year for the last three years. Yet I know virtually nothing about politics.
7. If you Google me (my real name) you'll find some pretty interesting people: a horticulturalist, a football player, and a technical manager in San Francisco. These are not me (although I do show up).
8. I've been on TV a few times, but only once as a pundit. :-)

Never been tagged for one of these before. Weird. But now I feel loved. Thanks Kengo.


Kengo Biddles said...

Any time, man, any time.

salad said...

so if I google your real name will I be able to figure out which one is you?

Mr. Fob said...

The real question is: If I Google "horticulturalist football player technical manager San Francisco" will I discover your real name? (Not that I'm suggesting anyone do that.)

Mr. Fob said...

Ah ha! When I Google horticulturalist OR "football player" OR "technical manager" "San Francisco", I discover that your true identity is Steve Young.

And here I thought Steve was Borealis.

drex said...

Ditto Fob on that! I'ma hunt you down, mister. >=D

Elbow said...

You can type over 90 wpm with 100% accuracy! My hat's off to you, sir. That's pretty cool. I wish I could do that.

Brady said...

Hey I've chatted with you numerous times and I think that "100% accuracy" thing is bogus! =) But I believe the speed, I can't ever keep up with you in chat conversations, I feel like a snail.

-L- said...

Well, Brady, it may be teru that I make an occasional typing mistake when I'm typing during chatss. But the rset of the tmie I'mn prtety dran accurtatee.

Ok, maybe just during the typing test in question (which I did online). But it was 92% with 100% accuracy on the first try. No fibbin'.

So, enough typing. I need to go throw around a football. Because you know how I love sports with all my Super Bowl wins and everything.

iwonder said...

Well I got 58 WPM at 98% accuracy.

I know not nearly as impressive as the great and powerful -L-... I mean Oz, but I was impressed with myself.

Abelard Enigma said...

5. Today I saw a person's back from the front (as in, during surgery after his guts had been tucked out of the way)

Ewwww! And I just ate too :()

There's a reason I'm not a doctor (well, that, and I'm probably too stupid)

-L- said...

Please refer to the rest of my blog and the fact that I am a doctor to see that consistent intelligence is not necessarily a requirement.

And your humility doesn't fool me. I see your brilliance, despite that you deny it like a coy little schoolgirl. ;-)

iwonder said...

So, you're calling Abe a girl eh? Does he wear a white, lacy pinafore over a pink dress, with pink ribbons in his hair and pigtail braids and being chased around the playground by a little boy with a frog?

That sounds like a coy little schoolgirl to me.

Abelard Enigma said...

I see your brilliance

I had some teachers who would beg to differ with you - and the grades to prove it :)

Jason said...

I am here to announce that I took your little typing test. And that while my gross speed of 82wpm with accuracy of 91% doesn't compare to your breathtaking typing prowess, it does officially indicate that I, contrary to your oft-stated beliefs, don't type slowly. Thank you.

Jason said...

(You big jerk.)

J G-W said...

I spread the love to the Moho blogging community after getting tagged by one of my non-Moho blogger friends. So congratulations! You can blame this on me! Cheers!

eleka nahmen said...

My curiosity is piqued - who do you lobby for?