Saturday, January 27, 2007

States of Grace

Finally got the movie and watched it tonight. Loved it, of course. In fact, I hope if you haven't seen it yet, you will go buy it immediately and watch it. I'm usually a big patron of libraries, but this is one where I'm not only glad to own it, but I'm almost tempted to send a donation to encourage Dutcher to keep 'em comin'. FYI, I'm not going to dance around the plot, so you can assume all subsequent posts have spoilers. Come back and read/comment once you've seen it.

Apart from the central message resonating so thoroughly with me--we all need God's grace--this movie was all the more powerful because I served a mission in an inner-city in the U.S. as well. The tracting, the investigator falling asleep during the discussion, the distractions... were oh so familiar.

Despite the occasional gun flashing at me when someone answered a door (I'm not kidding), stolen bicycles (oh, and a car), and the odd report of one of my district's companionships having discovered a corpse while walking through an alleyway, I liked the city. People listened. People had been compelled to be humble.

There was drama in the personal lives of various missionaries too. I've never felt at all able to convey the types of vignettes from that part of my life. There were illicit romances, mistakes, midnight transfers, broken rules, various kinds of trouble. The need for grace in the lives of the missionaries as well as the investigators has always been a hard thing to accurately describe without inadvertently giving some wrong impressions as well. This movie, I think, has done an amazing job of summing a lot of it up.

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Beck said...

I love it! I own it!

Dutcher needs to be encouraged to do more. His powerful concluding scene of accepting Christ is central to my core beliefs and resonates as real.

His movie "Brigham City" has just as powerful a concluding scene centered around the partaking of the sacrament in a Sacrament Meeting!

I struggle with Dutcher as an actor in his own movies (Brigham City, God's Army) - maybe that's why States of Grace came off so much better. He might be trying too hard to reach all ethnic groups and the Christian evangelists - but it's a worthy effort.

Thanks for giving the film well deserved exposure.