Sunday, January 07, 2007


Emma sent me a message recently asking where all the blogs were of spouses of LDS gay folks. I didn't know of any but sent her to the disciples2 page and Emily Pearson's Wildflowers site. It seems like people have mentioned others, but I can't remember them. Anyone else remember? Emma decided to go ahead and start her own blog at and I've enjoyed reading her posts as well as her comments around the blogs.

I just wanted to say welcome, Emma, as you look for insight and support.


Master Fob said...

Well, there's Darrin's blog, and of course Foxy J's blog. I've suggested to her before that she spearhead a team blog for spouses, but so far she hasn't taken to the idea. When will Mrs. L start blogging?

emma said...

Thanks, L. I really appreciate your spearheading my induction into this form of support.

I can certainly understand why some spouses would choose not to want to delve into these issues at certain levels. As I said in my last post, I have not wanted this issue to define my marriage in a permanent way, but I think the time was right for me to talk about it in an appropriate light.

One has to be ready and feel the timing is right for communicating with others about such a sensitive topic.

-L- said...

I feel like a complete idiot for forgetting those two! They are great blogs.

I've encouraged Mrs. L to blog, but she doesn't have much inclination on this topic. Plus, she wants to leave my blog to me--semi-private so I can be candid. Of course, she peeks and we both know it. Don't we Mrs. L!?!

Scot said...

I was actually wondering the same thing, but then thought many couples are probably like us, and have hobbies the other just doesn’t get into. I mean, of course there is no blog place for guys from gay couples from LDS cultures who don’t like to use computers but have husbands who do. ;-)

Kittywaymo'sMormonJournal said...

Hello L...I'm the pharmd student who was married to a gay dentist(temple marriage etc) and now married to a wonderful obgyn...i know, life is full of ironies!

Please let Emma and other spouses of LDS gay men know that is a wonderful website of insight and comfort for both the gay spouse and his/her straight partner. Being very active LDS, I find the views supportive of the Church, yet very loving and supportive of those who are associated with gay loved ones.

She can log on, give and ask for advice, and join the "family and friends" forum, and hang out in the main forum. I love the main forum because their is some wonderful advice and wisdom there from all members of the community.

Well, Happy New Year, and keep up the good work~

Best wishes, Kittywaymo(sheila)

Anonymous said...

Due to computer technical problems which may have affected security, emma-emmawrites.blogpot has been temporarily suspended. For those of you who may have emailed emma, it is probably also wise to delete any emails received from her. I don't think there are viruses there, but I would hate to take any chances. I apologize for any inconveniences.

Chris said...

My former wife has posted on my blog. Of course, her view is one of a woman who has left a gay-straight marriage, which may not be what others are interested in.