Saturday, December 09, 2006

Book club, December 2

Ok, the chat thing wasn't exactly a huge success. Which means, no book club title has been selected. I've heard suggestions for The Black Cauldron, an Ayn Rand title, and The Charioteer by Mary Renault. I'm more excited about either a non-fiction title (maybe Pres. Hinckley's bio) or a non-gay fiction title. I'm a little gayed out as far as books go for the present. But, hey, I just work here. Santorio suggested taking the month off, and that's fine with me too. Whatever you guys want...

Suggest titles and I'll put up a poll soon.


Loyalist (with defects) said...

I've been wanting to read a classic for a while. my suggestion is a Charles Dickens or Herman Melvil's Moby Dick. or even a bio and L's suggestion works for me.

Anonymous said...

as far as church bios go, rough stone rolling or the recent david o mckay bio are interesting and provocative. i'm afraid that the gbh bio will be a little superficial

i still vote for the backslider, an easy read.

from the back cover: 'frank windham is just a mormon cowboy--hard-working, trying to be honest, convinced he is going to hell for incurable lust, and convinced that he deserves to. he has as ultra-pious mother, a brother who is more than just a little touched in the head, and a comfortable lutheran girl friend who knows she has been saved... '

Stenar said...

"The Plague" by Camus is one of my favorites which I would recommend. And there's nothing gay about it! ;)

The Plague

The Ugly Swan said...

Well, loyalist (what sort of defects, by the way? Apparently, carrot butter can solve most of the ones on the skin level. Who knew?), if you want to read a gay novel, I can't think of one that I find more funny than Moby Dick, but the whale sections are interminable. The Backslider, while being a wonderful book about Mormondy--one of the best, if I'm thinking the right one--is still a bit long for my post-finals taste. While I know nothing about The Plague, it's by a French-sounding person, and I've sworn off all things French for a month.

Which is why I vote The Black Cauldron. A short, swift read, full of memorable characters and blessedly nothing like the Disney massacre of it, The Black Cauldron is a must-read for everyone who escaped adolescence without reading it. Even though it is technically fantastic in nature, the book deals with many important issues of temptation, good, evil, and the prevelant problem of prognosticating pigs--which, as students of evolution tells us, is the way of the future.

When -L- (with full dashes, note) puts up his poll, do the right thing. Vote The Black Cauldron and reap the many, many benefits waiting for you. You won't be sorry. And if you are, rest assured it will be your own darn fault.

Unusual Dude said...

Just looked at the poll, and I have to say that ANYONE who has time to read "Atlas Shrugged" between now and the end of December either:

1) Never sleeps, or
2) isn't human, or
3) likes Grape Nuts.


stenar said...

"Atlas Shrugged" is a horrible book and I hate it with a passion. ;)