Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Black Cauldron

Well, I was going to post today for Black Cauldron, but then I went and lost my copy. It was a fun book, and I enjoyed it for what it was--that much I can remember. The moral was that if you are a scummy person with a lot of self-hate you can simultaneously win some honor and commit suicide if you play your cards right. That, and that there is a little pig-boy in us all.

So, I'll be posting when I get around to it. Now, back to eating Christmas candy. Yum.

Oh, yeah, and if you would like to start suggesting books for January, feel free. Backslider and Rough Stone Rolling (bio of Joseph Smith) are on the list already. Others?


Anonymous said...

how about a movie instead of a book: States of Grace (Gods Army II), now out in DVD. A commercial flop, but drutchers best work and among the best of mormon filmdom (competing with Saints and Soldiers).

i have another book too that was recommended as a quick and interesting read; it's at work; I'll post it here tomorrow.

my wife only likes about half the books her neighborhood club selects; i really liked amazing adventures and though middlesex also worthwhile, so what if there have been a couple of duds

Anonymous said...

"STIFF The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers"

from the book jacket:
"a laught-out-loud funny book"

"fascinating and oddly fun"

"gross, educational, and unexpectedly sidesplitting"

an easy 260 page read in paperback

John Galt said...

Read Stiff - it was good. But probably repetitive for you doctors. My vote is Rough Rolling Stone. Or if people prefer a non-LDS book, I nominate What is a What by David Eggers.

Happy New Years.