Sunday, April 16, 2006

I believe in triumph

I had a great Easter. Friends were over, we had an egg hunt, the food was great... good times. I didn't even plan to post this (which I started several weeks ago) on Easter, but it has turned out to be quite appropriate. I enjoyed this e-card on the church website. It reminded me of the importance of the Savior in my life.

Although the pitfalls of life are real and the consequences are real as I mentioned in my last post, so are the peaks and victories and celebrations. No failure ever need be final. And that's a good thing for a person like me--a person faced with lots of weaknesses and character flaws.

I remember hearing that Benjamin Franklin used to choose a virtue to focus on each week of his life, and that week he would put forth his best efforts to improve himself in that area. I think he was an incredibly remarkable man--far from perfect, but always improving. Of course, there is a subtext there. An acknowledgement that imperfections are always present and always to be battled, notwithstanding the importance of appropriate self esteem and self confidence.

With personal determination, healthy attitudes, and appropriate support from others, I do believe triumph over challenges and even previous tragedies is a real possibility.

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