Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hit and run comments

I've been meaning to go on record for a while that I don't do anonymous comments. -L- is plenty anonymous for me. It surprises me to hear that some attribute obnoxious anonymous comments to me, because in my own mind I've never been shy about being obnoxious all out in the open. I don't hesitate to retract when it's necessary, and I have no interest or even inclination to be offensive and judgmental in a comment without taking responsibility.

Thanks to some really combative and antagonistic examples of anonymous comments, I do think Blogger should have a checkbox next to the anonymous submit button to affirm, "I am writing this anonymously for reasons other than that I am horribly ashamed of myself and want to avoid responsibility for my stupidity and insensitivity." There are legit reasons for posting anonymous comments, but cowards seem to eclipse them with their own hit-and-run tactics.

For example, I have several family members who don't quite have the hang of computers and the internet, but like to keep up with and comment on family blogs. So they use the anonymous feature in lieu of a login, but they usually sign their name too. For folks like these, I keep the anonymous comments enabled on my blog.

On the other hand, there's the "other" kind of anonymous. In this post, someone tried to impersonate me by putting in my pseudonym and blog address. How stupid and annoying is that? I didn't even see the comment until it was pointed out to my later on by someone else. It's enough to make a person paranoid.

So, anyway. Sorry for the boring post. But I do want to say explicitly that anonymous comments are never from me (except a few right after switching to blogger beta that I signed), and even if it looks like it's from me, if it doesn't have my avitar and link to my profile, it's probably not from me. Oh yeah, and if it sounds stupid, there's NO WAY it's from me. ;-)


Kengo Biddles said...

That's because it's from me. That's how you can know if I'm posting. :) It sounds dumb. :P

Tolkien Boy said...

On the subject, I posted a comment to your last post that seems to have been eaten by Firefox.

I think, on reflection, that it was all for the better that it was eaten rather than posted.

Anonymous said...

Pff, you call that a post, L?

If you want to read a really good blog, I’d recommend that utahcog guy. His eloquence and insights far surpass all human measure. I also hear he’s incredibly handsome, not to mention benevolent and humble.

Anonymous said...

You should also check out HURRICANE. That guy is not as big of a jerk as you think he is.

Scot said...

I just realized my kidding might put me under suspicion of being the fake L :-). Nope; that’s just weird.

I too will take the credit or blame for what I type, and have posted anonymously only once.

That reminds me, thank you for the kind compliments, anonymous. I could not humbly accept such great praise (save for on that "incredibly handsome" thing; you're spot on there).

Distinguishing Preoccupation said...

Couldn't agree more... It reminds me of my mission when I would walk back to my bike only to find several anti-mormon pamphlets in my helmet. I would think to myself "If you really believe this, then why couldn't you have just approached me and handed it to me?"

PS: You can check out my blog at:http://allofthisaroundus.blogspot.com/

Samantha said...

Ummm...yeah...you know me, -L-...I thought it was kind of funny that someone would comment in your name...and I have to acknowledge your cleverness in the name of this blog entry. However, on a different note altogether, your link in this entry provides access to John's deleted blog. Just thought I'd mention that.