Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Congregation of One, part 5

“Landon, when are you going to know where you matched?” Mom asked. The fact she knew so little about my current life was testimony to the ever decreasing phone calls between us. I had always been “special” to her in a way unique from my other brothers and sisters. And yet we were growing apart now. And the hundreds of miles separating us had very little to do with it.

As she jabbered away asking questions and filling me in on all the latest Utah gossip, my mind wandered. I could seldom stay focused in conversations with her.

“… the doctor bills for the surgery, and Meg’s epilepsy, and of course, you know about Adam…”

“Uh, no. What about Adam?”

“Well.” There was a conspiratorial pause. She whispered, “He’s a homosexual.”

I hadn’t known that about Adam. Officially, anyway. “Uh… so?”

“So, you can see how that is a terrible stress on his parents. They beat themselves up about it all the time. And he blames the church,” she finished with resignation.

“Well, I think he needs to be true to himself. If he doesn’t believe in the church then there’s no reason he shouldn’t be doing what he thinks will make him happy. He should be with the person he has chosen to love.” Actually, I didn’t say that. I just wish I had. I don’t remember what I said. But it was probably some numb affirmation. I felt sick.

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