Sunday, April 05, 2015

Happy Easter!

It's been a couple years, no?  Such a gorgeous day here in my world.  The kids woke up and followed yarn strung around the house to find their Easter treats, and we're currently snuggling four-wide in the King Size bed.  My life has changed so dramatically in the last couple years I can hardly believe it.  I'm planning to start blogging again.  Journals are super important, and equally important is the need to feel comfortable being honest.  So, my future blog entries will be mostly private.  For myself only.

Remarkably, looking at the page views of this blog, there are still visitors every single day.  This baffles me.  And when I look at the specific posts that have been viewed, and read the comments that have been written, it brings into clarity the fact that I *haven't* been blogging for the last couple years partly because I was so overwhelming fatigued by the peanut gallery.  People who fly off the handle and take offense, or nit pick, or shriek in hurt dismay at the slightest notion that may challenge their world view or personal decisions.  So, I'm back to the basic notion that this blog was started for self-therapy, not to heal the world.  And it's time for a little more of that.

After two years, why even bother giving notice that I'm going dark?  Well, for myself, I guess.  Haha.  Have a Happy Easter all!

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