Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Since last we spoke...

I'm disenchanted with blogging. But maybe that word has too negative a connotation for what I'm trying to convey. The fact is, I used to be enchanted with blogging, but now it's just there. I take and leave it now with more indifference than before. Disenchanted.

When Northern Lights got off the ground, I thought I would put the more philosophical posts there and put the more biographical ones here, but there hasn't been much biographical to say, really. I've kept my identity private so that I can work through the challenges in my life in a forum of sorts, without all the unpleasantness of people getting personal and interjecting their judgments into my personal life. You can hate me or love me online all you like, but I'd rather keep my family out of it. Using a pseudonym has been the only way I could think of to do that, and now the anonymity is pretty much gone. In case you missed it, a person with no decency publicly posted my real identity. So, no more astonishingly candid posts. Sorry. It's just a part of life that someone always comes along and ruins it for everyone else. (Also, sorry to those who had to wait 3 weeks for me to approve my newly moderated comments!)

Having said that, MOST of the people who read this blog and subscribe to the comments are very decent folks. To that subset I offer my earnest request that you keep my identity to yourselves, if you ever happen to learn it. I've become quite comfortable with who I am and what I believe, but the people in my life who will be affected by an intolerant society have requested that I keep my online activities anonymous. So, please support that.

I was mulling whether and how to write about Step 7: Humility. But this post came out instead. I'll write on that next time.


drex said...

Hot dang, apparently I missed the drama.

Abelard Enigma said...

In case you missed it, a person with no decency publicly posted my real identity

Wow, I don't know what to say. Like drex, I missed the drama

I share my real identity with people whom I email with - one on one; but, to be publicly outed - that is one of my worst nightmares, as I'm sure it is for many here in the Mormon queerosphere?

Best of luck. Any suggestions for the rest of us to avoid the same fate?

And, I'm always available via email - if you just need to talk to someone, or to vent. Please be assured that I keep everything people tell me in strict confidence

-L- said...

If you don't want your identity to get out, don't share it with anyone. That's all I can say. The person I think left the comment in question had assured me repeatedly that he could be trusted. In fact, he was offended at my repeated requests for reassurance (that I made because he's a flake... as demonstrated).

Anyway, I do appreciate the comment, Abelard.

MoHoHawaii said...

This is terrible, L. I'm really sorry to hear about this breach of trust.

Best of luck to you, and I hope to see you back posting regularly on your blogs.

Scot said...

Hey, I saw some of drama. Drex, Abe, be glad to have missed it.

L, now that everyone knows you’re actually the famed Mormon accordionist, Elton Mapplethorpe, I can understand the need for less openness (I've got your back ;-)).

If it could make you feel any better, I’d give you permission to divulge the middle letter of my last name.

Really, it’s sad. Been there and have felt that sickness about online interactions. The anonymity can cloud some people’s judgment, and civility. I hope you know you have much support here, even from those who’ve argued against you as much as I have.

Out of a curiosity that you should feel no need to satisfy, why did this person say they wanted your real name anyway? Email me, if you’d be so inclined, but I’ll not anticipate it :-).

Therapevo Ydata said...

I missed the drama too! Oh well, such is the life of me.

I can't express how excited I am to have you start blogging again. I have missed your example and your insights. Also the chats with you about your residency (Wow! I just realized that those chats ended in May. That's so long ago!).

J G-W said...

-L-, I am so sorry. I'm sure you know this doesn't change how much most of us respect and are grateful for you.

If blogging is no longer a safe forum for you, I hope you will find something else to take its place.

Neal said...


I echo the sympathies already expressed, and hope we will still be able to enjoy your wisdom and perspectives in spite of the insensitive actions of others who should know better.

God Bless,


Peter said...

FYI: I changed my url. Sorry about needing to update the links and google-readers . . .

(sorry, I accidentally posted this comment on another post too)

Original Mohomie said...

I had no idea there'd been such an "outing". But I've not been active in the blogging world for a few months, other than posting occasionally and reading entries by people I personally know.

I would add my 'amen' to being very careful about giving personal information to online acquaintances, in general, in any public, online forum.

People with whom I communicate online are almost entirely people with whom I already have personal connections. Perhaps that's why I've come across as cold to some online acquaintances, for which part of me feels bad, but most of me just shrugs and says, "That's the way I roll."

Anyway, sorry to hear it. There are some definite problems with the "blog world". But I think it still has its benefits, so thanks for sharing.

kittywaymo said...

(hi L, this is a message I wrote on my blog to you and sam, hope you don't mind the cut/paste to your site. I need help linking you both to my blog please:)

Oh to Sam and L feel free to link me to your sites I would be honored! I still haven't figured out how to get you both and some others I like (northern lights, northstar) unto my site. We've been traveling lately and I've been working with some couples where one spouse is SGA so we've kept quite busy, however, I'm going to try to log on once a week etc and check out what's happening in our community~ This past week I gave my home teacher, a new bishop now in our ward information on SSA/SGA, at first he looked a little shook up (it kinda made me smile because I think he thought I was trying to tell him somethingLOL!) however, his response was loving and appreciative once he realized what the info was about and what I am trying to do. Well, we can just keep praying and loving others/serving others and the Lord will do the rest! love kittywaymo

kittywaymo said...

L, I love you brother, I am so sorry some banannahead was a jerk and had no respect for your privacy.

You have been one of the few people that I've let know my true identity (via my private emails) and as a former journalist, it means alot that I can trust you and Neal. I wish all the nasty people would go to a different bloggosphere and leave us nice,fun,sincere folk:) alone.

Well, hope Karma catches up with him to teach him a lesson in having class. Love, Kittywaymo