Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The little edge of laziness

There was a time when I would be very diplomatic in the way I interacted on the blogs. Even with people I had little respect for, I would find the patience to quell the snarky quibbles that came immediately to mind in favor of a more friendly tone. That wasn't always the case, but usually.

So, now what happened?

I no longer have time to read any blogs it seems (if I start going through my reader I'll never be able to stop). And in the few cases that nice, well-intended people have bantered around on NL, I end up just snapping back. [sigh]

I think it's just laziness, and I apologize. Most recently to Kalvin, who made me realize how snappy and lazy I've become in my replies.

Oh well.

Maybe I like being lazy.


playasinmar said...

Maybe you should take this new, gloves-removed L out for a test drive.

Elbow said...

you can be as lazy as you want to be. everyone has moments when they can't give as much in certain areas and maybe this is one of them for you.

And just for the record: I wouldn't begin to call you lazy considering all the family, work and school responsibilities you take care of on a daily basis. I respect you for that. And even if you were indeed lazy, then I'd still read your blog cause I think you're pretty cool.

Kengo Biddles said...

I agree with elbow. Overstretched.

Kalvin said...

Don't worry, your response made me smile. At least in that you know more about reparative therapy than a glance at a sidebar suggests. And come on, who reads every single post on an entire blog before commenting? Maybe if you're just starting out, but seriously. I still stand by what I wrote in that comment. I didn't pull any ad hominem attacks, but you certainly did to avoid everything I talked about. I'm waiting for a response. And if I'm such a jerk, why don't you see me going door to door trying to get your marriage undone? Why don't you see me trying to have mormonism criminalized? As if power were as simple as the old Spanish inquisition style. Beyond that, love can be whatever you want to call it if you want to call that love. Perhaps you should visit the comment that sparked the post I commented on again. And if you mean I'm being hypocritical by being mean, I would say I'm being just as loving as the mormon church in ardently presenting a point of view. I haven't tied anyone down and electrocuted them. At least, not yet.

-L- said...

"I didn't pull any ad hominem attacks"

"I haven't tied anyone down and electrocuted them."

Care to clarify?

(Also, try reading the second-to-last paragraph here. Might save some time.)

Kalvin said...

Your previous comment was primarily directed at my being less than nice of a person.

If it had been completely voluntary that would be one thing. However, after being fished out through some witch hunt many gay men at BYU were told that unless they underwent the treatment that they would be outed to their family and kicked out of school. That's what I think most people call blackmail. As for it not being a big deal, I don't see many people undergoing surgery without anaesthetics. Beyond that, you still left most everything unanswered again. As for preisthood leaders saying things for rhetorical effect I wonder if the vast racist comments in the past don't bother you at all either. And I contest that the church does hate gays. What could be greater hate than to eradicate something, remove it from existence? They don't want celibate members with SSA. They want you all to be heteros, and if they could do that, I can only imagine what they would be pushing for politcally. The church hates gay people so much it won't even give them an identity. You're simply struggling with SSA, your love is cast off as a childish addiction. Arrogance and hatred. Just because they don't say it, doesn't mean it's not there.

SSA said...

Sure, a link is fine.